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"Modern Judaism the Essentials"

New Podcast Interview Series


logo_podcast_jüdische geschichte"Modern Judaism the Essentials" is an interview series produced by the Department for Modern Jewish History and Culture and the Center for Israel Studies at the Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich. In this podcast, we speak with scholars about texts, we think are essential for Jewish modernity. The question "What makes a book or a text essential or canonical" is difficult to answer. Therefore, we suggest thinking about this podcast more as a textual mixtape representing a specific intellectual taste.


For the first episode of this podcast, we invited Professor Derek Penslar from Harvard University to speak about Theodor Herzl's novel "Altneuland". The interview was recorded in January 2023.

For the second episode, we invited Professor Willi Goetschel from the University of Toronto to speak about Margarete Susman’s The Book of Job and the fate of the Jewish people.

The interviews have been recorded in the beginning of 2023. For the first episodes please click here or find them on Spotify.