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Ilya Sichrovsky

Ilja Sichrovsky is the Founder and Secretary General of the Muslim Jewish Conference (MJC). Born in Berlin, he is the son of a German mother and an Austrian father. His family has Jewish roots in Vienna dating back centuries with one of his Jewish ancestors being among the first Jews knighted by Franz Josef. Ilja was a counselor in Vienna’s Hashomer Hatzair youth movement and was a founding member of Gesher, the youth party within the Austrian Jewish Community. Ilja represented the University of Vienna three times at international Harvard student conferences. On each occasion, he won the Harvard Award for Exemplifying the True Spirit of Diplomacy. Later, he acted as faculty adviser and coach for the Viennese delegation at several conferences. Ilja wrote a scientific article about being a Jewish student studying at an Austrian University six decades after the Holocaust. It was published by the University of Vienna and integrated into curriculum.

He started the Muslim Jewish Conference as a registered non for profit organization in Austria in 2009 and has committed a decade now to forming innovative networks of cooperation amongst a new generation of Muslim and Jewish change makers, entrepreneurs and multipliers, humanizing each other, in order to do the right thing, at the right time.The MJC has organized 9 conferences in the last 9 years bringing together more than 1.000 young Muslims and Jews from more than 65 countries. 120 volunteers from more than 20 countries changed possibility into reality.